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We are proud to support Supervisor Sue Frost!

Sacramento County Deputy Sheriffs' Association

Sacramento County Probation Association

SacMetro Chamber of Commerce

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones

Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinness (ret.)

We appreciate the common sense policies we have seen presented to a number of different issues. We appreciate her getting input from all of her constituents.
— Micky Adams

Thank you for all you do for our commUNITY!
— Alicia Andrews

Sue is doing a great job as our representative and definitely needs to be reelected!
— Jeff Askins

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Anya Azad

Full support on your views
— Robin Baimas

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor. — Christina Barrios

I'd vote for you anytime. You do an outstanding job, Sue. — Miguel Benitez

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Julie Bley

Sue has kept her constituents abreast on the latest information and has made a concerted and obvious effort to keep the promises she made which is much more than I can say for others. — Shawn Bradbury

Supervisor Frost and I were both elected as County Supervisors in 2016 and it's been a pleasure to work with her on items of regional importance. Based on my experience with her, and from what I've seen on social media, Supervisor Frost sticks to her convictions and works hard representing and informing her constituents. If I lived in her District, she would easily have my vote.
— Gary Bradford, Yuba County Supervisor

Sue works very hard for the comminities she represents. She and her staff have helped me resolve several county issues and I appreciate them for that. I hope to see her continue to be our representative.
— Gina Brady

Sue Frost is one of the most personable and intelligent people I’ve met here in Sacramento. Her background in health, business and local government/politics gives her a unique perspective in policy making. She is well-deserving of being re-elected as County Supervisor! — Taylor Brown

I endorse Sue Frost for re-election
— Bill Bubka

I appreciate all you and your staff do for Orangevale! — Robert Cacioppo

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor. — Jim Callens

Sue is one of the most involved representatives that I've seen. She seems to have a no nonsense approach to local politics, and shows general care and concern for her constituents. I'll certainly be voting for Sue at every opportunity!
— Tanya Cargill

You have my support!! — Leanne Carroll

Sue Frost has been open, honest in fair in all her proceedings for our district. She is a woman of honor and I'm proud to have her representing our district.
— Rochelle Castillo

Sue Frost for Governor. — George Catambay

Sue Frost has consistently provided recognition and beneficial representation of our somewhat remote community. She listens and acts. — Les Clark

You have my vote.
— Bob Crawford

I believe Sue represents all of her constituents and keeps us informed on how and why she voted a certain way. Sha definitely has my endorsement.
— Richard Crowe

Sue Frost has my endorsement for the Sacramento Board of Supervisors. Phil Danz
— Phil Danz

I found Sue Frost to be fair, truthful, and diplomatic. I would love to see her re-elected.
— Jennypher Doan

Orangevale has been a grateful recipient of your attention and support. From our Library growth, commercial assistance and the immediate response of you and your Chief of Staff Matt Hedges we couldn't ask for more. You've reassured our little unincorporated town that our opinions matter.
— Gayle Duckart

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Molly DuPont

I think you are doing an incredible job. You offer complete transparency, you let us know why you voted the way you did on issues. You are conservative in your spending, and your program, homeless to work is a great way to get people off the streets, and help the trades find the employees they need. Thank you for your leadership. — Diane Ebbitt

I Endorse Sue Frost, she and her team have done an outstanding job and we need to keep them doing it!
— Mark Fontana

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Lily Forbes

Knowing Sue Frost for many years there is no one else more than her I'd want to see in any position of government. She is dedicated and effective in all she does for our County. Having built a 34 year old (and counting) business from scratch, Sue revitalized Citrus Heights as Mayor. As Supervisor she created a work-training program to assist the homeless, helped pass the creation of Mobile Crisis Support Teams providing counselors for mental health related 911 calls to avoid arresting suicidal individuals, and led the effort to create Sacramento's first and only Veteran Commission. As a Policy Analyst and former CRP Delegate, the choice is clear. Vote for Sue Frost. — Nicholas Francois

Absolutely! Frost is one of the few politicians who seems to "get" it. — Bruce Gavin

Our whole family endorses Sue Frost. She has worked tirelessly on the behalf of her constituents and is worthy of your support and vote.
— Christopher Giasson

You have “we the people” best interest in every decision you make!!!! — Brennan Goodson

Love this lady! Looking forward to your next term! — Heather Green

I support Sue for re-election. She has done a fantastic job!
— Veronica Hanby

Sue Frost has listened to the needs of her constituents & tackled those concerns for the betterment of our community. She is constantly about attending events, applauding those who positively contribute to us, & updating us via many social platforms. She strives for excellence & fairness in all she does. I believe no one is more qualified to serve us.
— Kristin Hart

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor. — Erenne Hedges

Keep doing the peoples work!
— Sheila Helems

Great job — Britney Hurtado

Sue fights for what is right. She doesn't just take the easy way out. She is always available for her constituents, and ALWAYS willing to help. She addresses our cares and concerns, no matter how trivial.
— Nicky Hussein

Wayne Jankowski — Wayne Jankowski

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Eric Jones

— Dayalu Joseph

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Guri Kang

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Doc Dennis Kauffman, Sr

Sue knows what matters and asks the right questions. She has my vote.
— Augustin Kelley

Yes Sue! I am proud to support you for re-election! — Marissa Knasko

Sue gets things done! Always has our best interest at heart!!!!
— Denise Labane

Thanks for all you do — Barbara Leach

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Ben Lehr

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor. — A. Levi, Rio Linda resident & taxpayer

Absolutely endorse re-election — Kymberly Lindenmuth

I wholeheartedly endorse Sue Frost for re-election.
— Elyse MacKenzie

Supervisor Frost has been fighting for effective use of taxpayer dollars since she was first elected. Sacramento County needs a problem solver like Sue Frost. — Betsy Mahan

The best elected official I have met so far.
— Paul Manzyuk

I endorse Sue Frost for County Supervisor.
— David Marquette

I endorse Sue Frost for County Supervisor.
— Grace Marquette

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Megan Masten

Sue is an asset to our community. Her hands-on involvement and listening ear are exactly what a community representative should be. Looking forward to her re-election. — Aaron McGavock

I support you Sue and will be ready to vote. — Kristy Merna

I appreciate Sue’s activism and communication with constituants! — Margie Mott

Sue Frost has represented us well! She keeps us well informed & looks out for our best interest! — Patricia Murchison

I have known Sue Frost for many years. She always fully investigates before making any decisions or voting on any issue. Sacramento County really needs her to remain on the Sacramento Board of Supervisors. — Scott Nygard

I endorse Sue Frost.
— Donna O'Bitts

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Marianne O'Connell

Sue you have my endorsement!  
— David Oyler

Sue Frost is a great public servant who truly serves her constituents. She is well informed on the issues facing her community and works everyday for to make her district a better place to live and work.
— Christopher Pedigo, former Marysville Vice Mayor

An honest county supervisor who serves with integrity! — Jevon Pennant

You deserve a second term. I'm impressed with your on hands approach and your accessibility thru local meetings. Keep up the good work representing our community and keeping us informed thru social media. — Mark Pope

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Sandra Poppert

I endorse Sue Frost for reelection. — Christine Pyle

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Ann Ramirez

Sue is a true champion for our community. She is connected with the people. She is a good listener and follows through. This woman is a asset to Rio Linda. She has my support. — Starr Reimer

Sue has been working hard for my community and making changes with positive results. I am excited to see what she can do with another term.
— Leia Richter

Sue is an ardent advocate for the youth and students of our County!!! — Jason Sample

Sue is a honest hard-working politician which is a rarity in our time.She cares about her constituents and she may sometimes vote in a way that you may disagree but she will always vote her conscience.She will do battle when she thinks it is necessary for the betterment of her constituents. I fully support Sue Frost — Robert Sanchez

I have know Sue for many years. She is one of the hardest working and thoughtful people that I have ever met. I am proud to endorse her re-election for Sacramento County Supervisor.
— Tim Schaefer

A common sense voice in today's extreme political environment!
— Anthony Schoen

As a retired Sacramento County employee with 36 years of service, I have seen County Supervisors come and go. Sue is one of the very best and deserves to remain in office. Wish I could vote for her, but I live outside her district. Please support Sue Frost for County Supervisor. Her common sense approach to problems is a breath of fresh air in an often contentious political landscape. Thank you. — John Schuff

Sue has been tireless in support of our communities, she has been very responsive to requests/concerns that I have presented her with. It is becoming rare to find someone in office that cares about her constituents as much as she does. Re-elect SUE!!! — Douglas Scott

Sue I am available to help out in your campaign, volunteering in any events you might have — Vladimir Semenenko

Sue works for the People, putting the communities interests above her own. Rock solid support — Randall Severini

I endorse Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— Kyle Shallcross

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor. — Carol A. Shoemaker

I believe Sue Frost is the best person for the job of County Supervisor. She has shown a history of listening to her constituents and doing what they want. She truly works for the people in her community.
— Treston Shull

I’m an Antelope resident and fully endorse Sue Frost.. — Jessica Sierras

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor. — Dave Smith

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Naomi Sparman

100% support — Brad Squires

Sue Frost for Supervisor!
— Brian Stites

Have been following your activities in our community and am very thankful for what you do! More work needs to be done and I think you are a person that can acomplish it. Yes, I endorse Sue Frost! — Manuela Szabo

I endorse Sue Frost's re-election. — Salvador Torres

Sue is the best!! She gets things done!!
— Denise Triplett

I support Sue Frost for Supervisor.
— April Varner

I support Sue Frost!
— Arlene Waldsmith

I endorse Sue Frost.
— Gwen Walker

Yes, I endorse Sue’s re-election! I appreciate her rationale when she votes and explains why she voted the way she did.
— Joan Whittaker

I believe Sue has done the research to see where our tax dollars end up. I think she makes these entities accountable for that money. I feel more educated about this through her online community meetings as well as in person town meetings. I support Sue for reelection.
— John Williamson

I am thrilled with Sue Frost and am honored to endorse her for re-election!
— Tabitha Worth
Eric Jones

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